The Anti-Diet Plan: Join the Revolution

You haven’t failed your diet. Your diet has failed you.

The simple fact is: diets don’t work. Diets do not lead to sustainable weight loss. They do not lead to health improvements. And they most certainly do not lead to happiness. You may be convinced that this next diet will be the one to work. This one will be different. A wise man (Albert Einstein) once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Are you ready to try something different?

Is the Anti-Diet Plan Right For You?

  • If you struggle with overeating…
  • If you struggle with emotional eating…
  • If you hate your body…
  • If you have tried every diet plan on the market and think you are a failure for not making it work long-term…
  • If you worry about passing your issues with food and body image down to your children…
  • If you are searching for a ticket off the diet-overeating-self-hatred rollercoaster…

…Then The Anti-Diet Plan may be for you.

What is The Anti-Diet Plan?

The Anti-Diet Plan is part of a rapidly growing movement to end shame, guilt, and self-hatred related to the failures of dieting. It will help you turn off the dieting mentality and start eating in a way that feels natural and attuned to your body. We are often not present in our lives. We fail to notice what our bodies are telling us and we eat on “automatic pilot.” Often we eat in response to external cues rather than internal ones. Then we attack ourselves with toxic self-criticism. Instead of attempting to override your body’s natural physiology through willpower and dieting, The Anti-Diet Plan will help you work with your body’s natural physiology without struggle.

Developed by licensed psychologist, Dr. Alexis Conason, The Anti-Diet Plan harnesses the research-based tools of mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and acceptance and compassion-focused interventions to radically change the way that we relate to food, our bodies, and ourselves.

Free yourself from diet-culture and start living a happier life filled with peace, freedom, and wellness. Learn a new way to develop a permanent individualized approach to ending your struggle with food and your body.

Sign Up Now For The Anti-Diet Plan FREE 5-Day Intro Course

  •   Break free from dieting culture
  •   Tune into your body’s internal wisdom
  •   Connect to your body in a nurturing and peaceful way
  •   Learn strategies for mindful eating that you can start implementing immediately
  •   Heal your relationship with food
  • Build confidence in your body and your self-worth
  • Get the guidance and inspiration along the way

Here’s What’s Included:

  • One email lesson each week
  • Exercises to do throughout the program
  • A meditation to practice with daily

You’ll learn:

Week 1: Why Diets Don’t Work
Week 2: The Power of Mindfulness
Week 3: What is Mindful Eating
Week 4: The Role of Self-Compassion

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