Author Insights: Bariatric Surgery May Lead to Increases in Substance Use

We were interested in looking at the phenomenon of bariatric surgery and what happens to people after surgery. A lot of people having bariatric surgery engage in emotional eating, and when they can’t use this coping mechanism, we wanted to know what happens to them. The emotions are still there following surgery, but how do people cope with them?

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Dr. Alexis Conason

Dr. Alexis Conason

Dr. Alexis Conason is a licensed psychologist in private practice in New York City. Her office is conveniently located on the border between the Upper East Side and Midtown East neighborhoods of Manhattan. She specializes in the treatment of overeating disorders, body image, and psychological issues related to bariatric surgery. She also treats people struggling with sexual functioning, depression, anxiety, adjustment problems, relationship issues, and other psychological issues. Please contact her to see if she can help you.

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