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Why Giving Up On Emotional Eating Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Are you someone who indulges in emotional eating? But now, you are looking to stop it, because you feel it will help you lose weight? Heal your relationship with food! And lose weight too! These are the claims that many programs focused on treating emotional eating make. And it’s easy to understand why. It’s enticing, right? […]

Why we can’t look away from before-and-after pictures

Some professionals are convinced that progress pictures and before-and-after photos are not a positive thing. Alexis Conason is a clinical psychologist in New York City who specializes in overeating disorders, body image, and psychological issues related to bariatric surgery and who offers a program called the Anti-Diet Plan. Read Article Here

How to stress less this Thanksgiving

We miss our departed loved ones every day, but holidays often come with extra servings of sadness. The most effective way to cope? Allow space for that grief, says Midtown East psychologist Alexis Conason. Read Article Here

How to eat mindfully this Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is a holiday with so much emotion around food attached,” said Dr. Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist and the founder of The Anti-Diet Plan. “It’s like there is this expectation to overeat on this day.” Read Article Here

No, Mindful Eating Does Not Mean Eating in Silence

When we think of mindful eating, most of us imagine someone eating dinner in silence, carefully chewing every spoonful while paying extra-close attention to the meal in front of them. But Dr. Alexis Conason, an N.Y.C.-based clinical psychologist and founder of The Anti-Diet Plan, tells Lively we shouldn’t feel pressured to live up to this dream notion of “mindful eating” […]

How This Blogger Came to Realize That Body Positivity Isn’t Always About the Way You Look

But as with every big movement, there’s still work to be done. “We’ve gotten to a point where body positivity is okay for some people—mostly people who are pretty close to the traditional beauty ideal—to embrace their ‘imperfections’ but still not okay for people who are further from this ideal,” Alexis Conason, Psy.D., psychologist and founder of the Anti-Diet […]

Where the Body-Positivity Movement Stands and Where It Needs to Go

It feels like it’s only okay for some people to be body positive. Relatedly, people have become selective about who body positivity can apply to—and not in the originally intended way. “We’ve gotten to a point where body positivity is okay for some people—mostly people who are pretty close to the traditional beauty ideal—to embrace […]

‘Fat talk’ is stopping kids from being able to eat mindfully

According to clinical psychologist Alexis Conason, ‘this study adds to a growing body of research supporting the harmful effects of negative body talk in the family environment, and shows us that even indirect negative body talk (i.e., conversations between parents not directed at the child) can lead to less mindful eating, more disordered eating, less body appreciation, […]

8 Signs Of A High-Functioning Eating Disorder

Ultimately, you can’t tell if someone has an eating disorder solely by looking at what they look like. Just because someone is thin or heavy doesn’t mean that they do or don’t have an eating disorder or otherwise deal with disordered eating, Dr. Alexis Conason, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and eating disorder expert, tells Romper. […]

What She’s Actually Thinking About During Sex.

When we are busy worrying about how to position the sheets in a way that will flatter our belly or hide our thighs, we aren’t attuned to the pleasurable physical sensations of our partner’s touch, and this can interfere with our ability to derive satisfaction from the sexual experience,” says Alexis Conason, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist. […]

The Mindful Eating Hack That Helped Me Stop Obsessing About Food

Dr. Conason helped me understand why. “When we believe that our food will be restricted, we have a ‘now or never’ mentality, thinking this is our one opportunity to eat this food, so we should eat as much as we can in this moment because we’ll never allow ourselves to have it again,” she says. Read […]

Psychologists and Therapists Reveal the Most Common Mental Health Problem of 2017

The most common issue that women present with is feeling not good enough. This often manifests in body image dissatisfaction and eating concerns, as well as insecurities about career, marriage, parenting…” explains Clinical Psychologist Alexis Conason, Psy.D. She says that an important step in turning these negative thoughts around is, “decreasing shame and judgment around these issues, […]

Why having sex when you’re tired can ruin your relationship

What’s more important for a healthy relationship: sleep or sex? The answer may surprise you. Earlier this year, I was in a state of extreme sleep deprivation. I was stressed, and my young children were restless. For 18 months straight, I barely slept. My only opportunity to sneak in some shut-eye was the two-hour window […]

The many health benefits of having friends

Mary and Joyce met while in nursing school, just a few months after their high school graduation. The year was 1957, when gas cost 23 cents a gallon and the Frisbee was invented. Mary and Joyce quickly became best friends, like peas and carrots, as Forrest Gump might say. They double-dated, were in each other’s […]

Why You Really Can’t Change Another Person

Everybody loves a good fixer-upper, and this applies just as much to dating as it does to interior decorating; the inclination to date people who need to be “saved” is a common one. Unfortunately, unlike homes, people aren’t as easy to flip. In fact, Dr. Alexis Conason, a licensed psychologist from New York City, says trying to […]

Why It’s Time to Stop Asking ‘When Are You…?’

We’ve all been there: You’re at a family reunion and your great aunt who you see once a year asks, “When are you going to have a baby?” or you’re out with your girlfriends and Tina remarks, “Is he ever going to propose?” You want to clap back, but by now, you’ve learned to grin […]

When Betrayal in a Dream Leads to Real-Life Conflict

I don’t recognize the bedroom. The walls are black and bare, except for a chaotic painting hanging in a random corner. From the doorway, I see two people laced together on a bed. I’m embarrassed, because they’re naked, but I don’t think they know I’m here. There’s a woman whose voluptuous silhouette is blurred by […]

15 Little Tips & Tricks Therapists Want People With Anxiety To Know

Even though it sounds a little simple, taking a few deep breaths really can make a difference when you’re experiencing anxiety. “Try diaphragmatic breathing, where your belly expands on the in-breath and contracts on the out-breath,” says licensed psychologist Alexis Conason, PsyD. Read Article Here

Why You Hold Grudges About Things That Happened in Your Dreams

So what gives? Well, part of the equation is our dream memory, or lack thereof. We only remember some of our dreams. Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist, explains at Science of Us that most of the dreams we remember are “the emotionally shocking or difficult ones, filled with anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, helplessness, or confusion.” Read Article […]

‘Emotional Diversity’ Is More Important Than Happiness

Happiness may be a state of mind, but it’s also a state of body. We already know that stress is bad for our health, and in recent years, a growing collection of research has taken things a step further, suggesting that beyond a simple lack of stress, it’s happiness that holds the key to health. […]

What Those Inappropriate Dreams Really Mean

Ever wake up in a sweat after having an, uhm, inappropriate dream about someone in your life you really shouldn’t be thinking about in that way? While we can’t exactly say that it happens to all of us, a study done by the University of Montreal did find that of the 3,500 participants surveyed, about […]

The Whole30 Diet Became My Dangerous Obsession

Like many heart-crushing relationships, this one started out casual. It was my first year of marriage, and I had both a sparkly new last name and a couple extra pounds on my thighs (thanks, birth control). My silver bullet came to me in the form of a popular 30-day elimination diet: Whole30. Armed with wildly […]

Size Matters: Why Fashion’s Vanity Sizing Is Messing With Our Heads

As a frequent shopper with an affinity for collecting clothes—whether I’m hunting for thrifty finds or saving up for the statement pieces I really can’t afford (or, gasp, picking up a few seasonal staples at a fast fashion retailer here and there)—I’ve found that the fashion industry’s concept of sizing, across the boards, is totally […]

Soda Tax and Food Addiction on Thursday’s Access Utah

NPR reports that “The World Health Organization has called on nations around the globe to enact taxes on sugary beverages. And Bloomberg Philanthropies says raising taxes on sugary beverages can be part of the strategy to ‘reduce consumer demand for unhealthy foods and beverages, improve the food environment, and make healthier choices easier for everyone.’” […]

Why Mindfulness Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

What if the competitive advantage for companies could come from employees slowing down rather than speeding up? That’s the promise of meditation in the workplace — and science suggests this culture shift is good for the bottom line. A recent study in the Journal of Management analyzed more than 4,000 scientific papers on mindfulness, looking at the […]

How your Fitbit is making you fat

Being wired up to fitness trackers has also made us overly dependent on outside sources to tell us information about our own bodies, says Midtown psychologist Alexis Conason. “We consult our Fitbit to decide whether to exercise rather than relying on how our body feels,” Conason tells The Post. “This type of disconnection from our […]

Some stylists are helping moms accept their postpartum bodies

Three months after Kate Lacroix of Boulder, Colo., had her second baby, she realized her body wasn’t going back to the way it was as easily as it had after her first. Part of the reason was likely her age. She was just shy of 30 when her first child arrived, and nearly 40 when […]

Tracking down the root of our self-tracking obsession

The rise of fitness and calorie-tracking devices reflects a fundamental distrust in our own bodies, according to Alexis Conason, a psychologist in New York who treats patients struggling with compulsive eating and poor body image. Read Article Here

Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Revenge Body’ Is About Letting Bullies Win

“Intense calorie restriction makes people obsess about food,” said Dr. Alexis Conason, an obesity psychologist based in New York. This increases the risk of developing an eating disorder.“These diets very often evolve from, you know, wanting to get revenge on an ex, or a friend, or whatever by changing your body to full-fledged eating disorders […]

Has Losing Weight Left You Feeling Exposed?

“Some people lose dramatic amounts of weight and it really is life-changing … in a positive way,” says Alexis Conason, a psychologist in private practice in New York City who specializes in the treatment of body image issues and eating disorders. Read Article Here

11 Habits Of Mindful People That Everyone Should Consider Trying

“Being present with your meal helps us enjoy our eating experiences and listen to our body’s internal signals that guide our eating,” says Alexis Conason, Psy.D. over email. Mindful eating — which includes savoring your food with all your senses, pausing between bites, and avoiding distractions — has been shown to help people have better eating habits and have […]

Why Waist Training Is a Total Waste

The most serious repercussion of this fad might not be physical but mental, suggests Alexis Conason, Psy.D., a New York City–based psychologist specializing in body image. Read Article Here

He’s Losing Weight. I Can’t Stand It.

“When one partner asks the other to play a major role in weight loss, the dynamic can get tricky,” confirms Alexis Conason… http://www.pauladerrow.com/COS020116BodLosingWeight_lo%20[Read-Only].pdf From print issue of Cosmopolitan magazine February 2016

Personalized Algorithmic Diets: Promising or Impractical?

Licensed psychologist Alexis Conason, whose New York City practice focuses on issues such as overeating disorders and weight-loss surgery, maintains that there’s no need for personalized algorithmic diets. Rather, she suggests that we count on the personalized diets already available to all of us — our “appetitive systems,” which signal when we’re hungry, what we […]

You Wouldn’t Believe the Lengths Some Men Go to Enlarge Their Penises

As New York-based psychologist Alexis Conason reminds us, “We can have a healthy sex life with penises of diverse sizes,” adding, “It’s not one size fits all.” That said, it’s likely that any obsession with size doesn’t just begin and end with the penis. Psychologist Conasan says, “We tend to buy into this idea that […]

Why Body Hashtagging Has Got to Stop Now

…And it’s complicated because sometimes tags that seem benign or even positive, such as #Health or #Fitspo, are attached to photos that actually depict or describe unhealthy practices. “People will throw those tags on to make it seem like a behavior is normal or innocuous,” Alexis Conason, Psy.D, tells Yahoo Beauty.“But they can be trying […]

Clean Eating Saved Me From My Eating Disorder

…That’s not to say that clean eating can’t become disordered. Clean eating taken too far can become a disorder all on its own known as orthorexia. Dr. Alexis Conason — a clinical psychologist who specializes in eating disorders and, like Lawson, prefers not to use the term “clean eating” that implies other food is dirty […]

7 Things That Can Go Wrong During Sex and How to Avoid Them

Psychologist Alexis Conason explained to AlterNet, “I think the biggest detriment to healthy sexual functioning is the anxieties and insecurities you may have about your body. Have that shame and self-consciousness, that’s what really prevents people from having enjoyable sex lives.” From Alternet.org http://www.alternet.org/sex-amp-relationships/7-things-can-go-wrong-during-sex-and-how-avoid-them

The Most Exclusive Spin Class is in Your Living Room

…“It reminds me a little bit of what we see with CrossFit or some of those programs, just in terms of the community around it and how people really can get kind of fanatical,” says Alexis Conason, a psychologist who specializes in body image issues. “It can take on almost a cultlike quality for certain […]

Introduction to Mindful Eating

Alexis Conason, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Midtown East New York City. Her practice specializes in the treatment of overeating disorders, body image, sexual functioning, and psychological issues related to weight loss surgery. Mindful eating is something Alexis recommends to many of her patients because mindful eating can get us out […]

How a Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Sex Life

“If we don’t feel good about our body, then our sex life is likely impacted,” says licensed psychologist Dr. Alexis Conason, who specializes in the treatment of body image issues, overeating, and sexual functioning. Read Article Here

New Protein World Ad Campaign Elicits Body Shaming Backlash

Dr. Alexis Conason focuses on body image in her psychology practice and said if anyone’s priorities are out of whack, it’s Protein World. “I think that it affects all of us whether we realize it or not because these messages are so prevalent and they’re so strong, coming at us from every direction,” she said. […]

The Hidden Dangers of Juicing

Juicing may be the trendy way to supposedly lose weight—and feel great—these days, but drinking your greens might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Read the Rest of the Article Here

“Ugh, I’m So Fat!” The Perfect Response Every Time You Hear This

“We live in a society whose ideal of beauty is so narrow that few men and women fit into it, and most of us feel our bodies aren’t good enough,” says clinical psychologist Alexis Conason, Psy.D. “Expressing to others how terrible we feel about ourselves can be a desperate attempt to feel better.” Read more…

So You Ate the Whole Turkey. So What?

Don’t fret if you overdid it at Thanksgiving dinner this year. The Feldman family’s Thanksgiving ritual stretches for three days. The eating starts the day before, with an expensive spread of smoked fish. Thanksgiving brings both hickory-smoked turkey and a prime rib, plus candied yams, mashed potatoes, peas and onions, chestnut stuffing with sausage, gravy, […]

The Battle Begins

“YUM, THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS,” you think as a waiter carries a soaring slice of triple chocolate fudge cake with salted caramel sauce to the next table. Suddenly your dining companion’s voice becomes background noise and all you can focus on is that cake. “I shouldn’t have dessert,” you tell yourself. “It is way too fattening […]

11 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

“When we are on a diet, we are taught to mistrust our body, ignore hunger and cravings, trick ourselves into believing that a large glass of water or some magical high fiber cookie will satisfy our body’s hunger for nourishing food,” she says. “We are taught that certain foods are “bad” or “good” and that […]

Substance Use Following Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

“Conclusions: Patients may be at increased risk for substance use following bariatric WLS. In particular, patients who undergo laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery may be at increased risk for alcohol use following WLS. Our study is among the first to document significant increases in substance use following WLS using longitudinal data. Read Full Article

How to Love Your New Body

When patients are focused on weight loss, they only think of positive aspects and assume it will solve all their problems,” explains Alexis Conason, PhD, a psychologist in private practice in Manhattan and a researcher at the New York Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. “But it’s hard adjusting emotionally and physically to […]

5 Secrets to Great Sex

Be in charge of your own orgasm – Clinical psychologist Alexis Conason’s practice includes relationship work and sex therapy. She says, “Ask for what you want.

How Common are Sexless Marriages?

Sometimes a decrease in sexual activity in a relationship represents a manifestation of other problems,” explains Dr. Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist in New York City. “It is important to understand why the couple has stopped, or decreased, having sex before we can diagnose a sexless period as problematic or not. Read Full Article

Watch Your Cravings Crumble – Men’s Health

Guys succumb to the allure of the holiday cookie tin for a very simple reason. Holiday treats aren’t available year round, so people tend to gorge when they appear, says Alexis Conason, Psy.D., a New York City psychologist who teaches mindful eating. Ironically, the key to fighting that impulse is buying more holiday cookies. “You […]

Your Relationship With Food Affects Your Work

“One of the first steps to being healthier is to stop focusing on your weight because it is not a great indicator of health, says Alexis Conason, a New York-based clinical psychologist who teaches mindful eating. So when you eat a piece of colleague’s birthday cake, stop seeing yourself as being bad. She also considers […]

Ten Things the Weight Loss Industry Won’t Tell You

Dieting is Making You Fat: …“If diets actually worked, we wouldn’t have to go on so many of them,” says psychologist Alexis Conason, a researcher at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center…. we’re already seeing some efforts to target men. “They’re trying to make men as miserable as we’ve been,” jokes Conason, the psychologist. […]

Substance and alcohol use after weight loss surgery

…Our analysis demonstrates the importance of being mindful of several factors when managing candidates for WLS and WLS recipients. Preoperative prevention interventions are critical; clini­cians should be vigilant about identifying patients who may be at higher risk of developing substance use problems after WLS. For example, patients may have postoperative issues with alcohol use if […]

Eat Slowly. Appreciate Every Bite. See What Happens.

…For my next step I made an appointment with Alexis Conason, Psy.D., a New York City psychologist who runs an eight-week program on mind-body eating awareness. But before she started my training, she told me to stop obsessively tracking every calorie. I needed to listen to what my body told me to eat. “You may […]

Fifty Shades of Grey’ Controversy: The Difference Between Abuse and BDSM

New York-based psychologist Alexis Conason, PsyD, a researcher at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital who is also has a private practice specializing in treatment of body image and sexual issues, said it is crucial to differentiate between the BDSM relationship and emotional or physical abuse.“BDSM is characterized by a safe and playful arrangement between two consenting adult […]

Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes

Regular readers will know that I am all for bariatric surgery in appropriate patients but that I am also the first to warn about possible psycho-social complications of “successful” surgery. A study by Alexis Conason and colleagues from St Luke’s–Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, just published in JAMA reports a marked increase in the risk […]

Write Off Your Divorce

Alexis Conason, PsyD, a clinical psychologist for a private practice in New York City, would agree. “The process of verbalizing your feelings is very therapeutic, with the main benefit being it gives people a chance to pause their day and reflect on what they’ve been experiencing and check in with themselves and their emotions. Read […]

Making friends as an adult can be a challenge

It’s really important to take the initiative and to get involved,” says Alexis Conason, a licensed psychologist in New York City. “It’s a big step, but you really have to find the courage within you to search for those networks, to find your community. Read Full Article

Bariatric Surgery: A Shift From Buffet to Bar

The frequency of any substance use increased by 50% during the first 24 months after surgery, Alexis Conason, PsyD, of St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City, and co-authors wrote in a study published online by Archives of Surgery. Read Full Article

Emotional Eating: How Holiday Stress Trigger Problems

Many people use eating as a way to cope with difficult emotions, not only bad ones, but also happiness, excitement and celebration, for example,” says Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist in private practice and a researcher at New York Obesity Research Center…Researchers believe that many emotional eaters turn to food to numb emotions that are […]

Weight Loss Surgery Tied to Increase in Drinking

I don’t have the impression (doctors) are talking a tremendous amount about these things,” Conason said. “I think we should be. I think we should be educating patients about all the potential risks and benefits. Read Full Article

Weight Loss Surgery Ties to Substance Abuse

Many people who undergo bariatric surgery struggle with eating in response to different emotional cues,” said Alexis Conason of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center, lead author of the study published Monday in the Archives of Surgery. Read Full Article

Author Insights: Bariatric Surgery May Lead to Increases in Substance Use

We were interested in looking at the phenomenon of bariatric surgery and what happens to people after surgery. A lot of people having bariatric surgery engage in emotional eating, and when they can’t use this coping mechanism, we wanted to know what happens to them. The emotions are still there following surgery, but how do […]

Weight-Loss Surgery May Boost Risk for Alcohol, Drug Abuse: Study

Be aware of symptoms of substance abuse if you have undergone bariatric surgery, including changes in your relationship with drugs and alcohol,” Conason said. “I don’t think this study should be a deterrent for people seeking surgery. The key thing is to monitor following surgery and inform patients of the risks and signs and symptoms […]

Addiction a Risk After Weight Loss Surgery

People who undergo weight loss surgery may be at risk of addictive behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking. “Many of these people have struggled with obesity their entire lives, and in a very short period of time, they literally develop these new bodies,” Conason says. “Patients will walk by a mirror […]

Weight Loss Surgery Tied to Increase in Drinking

This is perhaps a risk. I don’t think it should deter people from having surgery, but you should be cautious to monitor (alcohol use) after surgery,” Alexis Conason, who worked on the study at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, told Reuters Health. Read Full Article