Individual Psychotherapy

You are the expert on you– but sometimes you need the assistance of a trained professional to help you make sense of it all. In individual psychotherapy sessions, you will work one-on-one with Dr. Conason to become more aware of patterns in your life and enact changes to lessen your suffering and increase your enjoyment of life. You and Dr. Conason will work together to create a treatment plan to help you accomplish your goals. Individual psychotherapy is the foundation of treatment. It is the place where treatment is tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are struggling with eating issues, body image concerns, relationship difficulties, sexual issues, or any other problems—individual sessions are the first step to creating change.


Dr. Conason’s office on East 57th Street

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps couples at any stage improve their relationship, whether you are looking for a “tune-up” to a generally happy relationship or you are considering separation from your partner. You and your partner will meet with Dr. Conason to explore what works and what doesn’t work in your relationship. During the initial consultation, we will create goals for treatment and tailor a plan to meet your needs as a couple.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is psychotherapy treatment specifically focused around sexual issues. Treatment may be either individual or couples. Common issues that are addressed in sex therapy include difficulties with arousal, orgasm, desire, pleasure, erectile dysfunction, sexless relationships, concerns about sexual practices, or the impact of body image on sexual functioning.

Group Psychotherapy

In group psychotherapy, you will meet with other people struggling with similar issues and learn new ways to cope with your challenges. Please join the mailing list to stay notified of upcoming groups. Currently, Dr. Conason facilitates the following groups. A consultation session is required prior to joining any group.

Mindful Eating (ME) Program– Have you failed your diet? Or has your diet failed you? The ME program is a 9-week group program that is an alternative to dieting. It is designed to help you turn off the dieting mentality and start eating in a way that feels natural and attuned to your body. The ME Plan utilizes the tools of mindfulness meditation to increase awareness and control of eating behaviors. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives in a nonjudgmental way. We can then respond to life’s pressures and our habitual emotional eating with new healthier choices. Mindfulness has been proven through research to be an effective treatment for overeating. You will learn and develop new skills related both to eating and to overall stress management. Become part of a rapidly growing movement to end shame, guilt, and low self-esteem related to the failures of dieting. Learn a new way to develop a permanent, individualized approach to ending your struggle with food. Read more about The ME Revolution…


Life After Weight Loss Surgery Group-This is a monthly psychotherapy group for people who have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery.  Patients may be at various post-op stages and may be struggling with a variety of issues including but not limited to weight regain, disordered eating, body image issues, and relationship problems. Group participants commit to 6 group sessions at a time; at each 6 month window you have the opportunity to either recommit to another 6 month period or you may chose to leave the group. Space permitting, new group members enter the group during one of these windows.



Workshops are time-limited events focused around one specific topic. Recent workshop topics include “Mindful Eating During the Holidays” and “Using Mindful Eating to Manage Sugar Addiction.” Please join my mailing list to stay notified of upcoming workshops.

Manage Diabetes with Mindful Eating co-led with Endocrinologist Dr. Gregory Dodell

Do you have difficulty controlling your diabetes? Do your blood sugars run too high or too low and your not sure why? Do you have difficulty resisting tempting sweets only to regret your choices later? Mindful Eating is a powerful tool that can help you change your eating patterns while still enjoying the foods you love and feeling great. This workshop will be co-led with Dr. Gregory Dodell, an Endocrinologist in private practice and attending physician at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. Registration fee: $75. Date and location TBD. Contact Dr. Conason for more information.


Supervision and Professional Consultation

Dr. Conason offers professional consultation to licensed psychologists. Consultation services include case consultation, training in conducting pre-operative psychological evaluations for bariatric surgery, and practice development. Dr. Conason organizes a peer-supervision group for experienced psychologists working in the field of bariatric surgery. Dr. Conason is an Adjunct Clinical Supervisor at the Ferkauf School of Psychology and supervises pre-doctoral psychology graduate students.

Videoconferencing or “Skype” Therapy

In some circumstances, Dr. Conason offers videoconferencing therapy for patients who are unable to attend face-to-face in-person psychotherapy sessions. Dr. Conason uses a secure HIPAA compliant videoconferencing program.