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So You Ate the Whole Turkey. So What?

Yahoo Health

Don’t fret if you overdid it at Thanksgiving dinner this year.

The Feldman family’s Thanksgiving ritual stretches for three days. The eating starts the day before, with an expensive spread of smoked fish. Thanksgiving brings both hickory-smoked turkey and a prime rib, plus candied yams, mashed potatoes, peas and onions, chestnut stuffing with sausage, gravy, and three kinds of relish. Oh, and salad, too. The family leaves the table to enjoy the view of the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay, and then returns for the apple, pumpkin and pecan pie. “Two years ago I was so full I was rolling around on the floor,” says Josh Feldman, a systems engineer and whisky blogger. “Last year I was stretched out on the couch. It’s unpleasant.”

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