I pledge NOT to diet.  I have devoted too much of my valuable time, money, and emotional resources to fund the over $60 billion weight loss industry that feeds off of my low self-worth. I will no longer be convinced that I am a failure because my diet has failed me. I recognize that diets DO NOT work. The most predictable outcomes of dieting are weight gain, disordered eating, and emotional distress. I will judge my self-worth NOT by the number on a scale but by the quality of my person, the things that I do, and the way in which I live my life.

I WILL strive to accept my body in its current shape and size. Because this is the body that I am living in and no amount of hating myself will change that fact. From acceptance comes nurturance and from nurturance comes health and healing. I recognize that healthy bodies come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Health is NOT determined by weight, but by how we nourish our body through self-care, nutrition, physical movement, and emotional wellness. I WILL strive to honor and care for this body that I was given to the best of my ability by listening, trusting, and respecting my body.

The Anti-Diet Pledge