Dr. Conason is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in the Midtown East neighborhood of New York City. She specializes in the treatment of overeating, body image, and sexual functioning. In addition to her clinical practice, she is also a researcher, author, and speaker.



Dr. Conason provides individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, and group therapy for people struggling with a variety of psychological issues. She also provides supervision and consultation services for other professionals and is available for speaking and media engagements.


The Anti-Diet Plan

Have you failed your diet? Or has your diet failed you? The Anti-Diet Plan is an alternative to dieting designed to help you develop a more peaceful relationship with food and your body. Join the rapidly growing movement to end shame, guilt, and poor self-esteem related to the failures of dieting.


Why I Will Not Be Dieting In 2019 (and I’m not making any lifestyle changes either)

In our self-improvement obsessed culture, year-end reflection is focused not on gratitude for what we have, but on striving for what we have not yet obtained. And for many of us, our biggest self-improvement project is our body. Last year, the #1 resolution was to “eat healthier” (read: diet). Despite the fact that diets fail […]

3 Tips for a Mindful Halloween (Including How to Avoid Bingeing!)

Halloween is here! Let’s leave the scare-factor to the horror films, not the candy. The holiday season is about to officially begin, and the first celebration is Halloween. Halloween is an exciting and spooky holiday that so many of us enjoyed as children. But, as with most things in this world, diet culture has ruined […]

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