Alexis Conason, Psy.D., CEDS-S is a clinical psychologist and certified eating disorder specialist-supervisor in private practice in New York City. She specializes in the treatment of binge eating disorder, disordered eating, and body image dissatisfaction. In addition to her clinical practice, she is also an author, consultant, and speaker.



Conason Psychological Services offers a team of highly qualified therapists who provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Our therapists work with adults, adolescents, and children. We specialize in the treatment of binge eating disorder, disordered eating, and body image but also have expertise in treating a range of psychological issues. Dr. Alexis Conason also provides supervision and consultation services for other professionals and is available for speaking engagements, press interviews, and media appearances.


The Anti-Diet Plan

Have you failed your diet? Or has your diet failed you? The Anti-Diet Plan is an alternative to dieting designed to help you develop a more peaceful relationship with food and your body. Join the rapidly growing movement to end shame, guilt, and poor self-esteem related to the failures of dieting.


Why Noom is the Worst Diet Trend of 2021

Let’s be real: all diets are awful. Intentional restriction is unhealthy for the body, mind and spirit. A life spent fixated on food rules and self-criticism is a small life. Dieting is associated with a whole host of negative psychological and physical health outcomes including eating disorders and disordered eating, body image dissatisfaction, and weight […]

Can Everyone Be Healthy?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be “healthy.”  Thanks to diet culture, “health” has become synonymous with thin, white, young, and wealthy. It’s a path paved with $12 cold pressed juices, $30 barre classes, and $60 vaginal jade eggs (thanks Goop, insert eyeroll here). But is that what health is […]

Can You Value the Caterpillars As Much As the Butterflies?

Dear Alexis, Last week, my daughter got one of those grow-your-own-butterflies kits. For those of you not familiar, you get a plastic container with 5 caterpillars in it and watch as they grow into butterflies that you eventually release into the wild. It’s a great gift and makes me feel good that my daughter is […]

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