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Conason Psychological Services

Conason Psychological Services

Are you struggling with your relationship with food? Do you want to feel better about your body? Are you caught in the diet-binge-shame cycle? 

If so, Conason Psychological Services may be able to help. Located in the heart of New York City between the Midtown East and Upper East Side neighborhoods, Conason Psychological Services is a Health At Every Size and trauma-informed therapy practice specializing in the treatment of binge eating disorder, disordered eating, body image, and psychological issues related to bariatric surgery. We use an integrated approach to therapy drawing heavily on mindfulness and mindful eating, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more. Read more about our approach to therapy here

Our therapists all specialize in the treatment of eating disorders. In addition to their work at Conason Psychological Services, many of our therapists have trained at the leading eating disorder treatment centers in the country. Each therapist has their own subspecialty areas so be sure to check out our bios and see which therapist is the best fit for you. 

We offer in-person therapy at our office in New York City and virtual therapy for clients across New York State, Florida, and select other locations. Please visit the Conason Psychological Services website to see if we have an eating disorder therapist near you. 

We offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation call. You can find more information about therapy with Dr. Alexis Conason and the therapists at Conason Psychological Services by visiting www.conasonpsychologicalservices.com

Supervision and Professional Consultation

Alexis Conason, Psy.D., CEDS-S offers supervision and  professional consultation to licensed psychologists, social workers, and other mental health and eating disorder professionals. Consultation services include case consultation and practice development. 

Dr. Conason is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist-Supervisor (CEDS-S) and is credentialed by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) to provide consultation and supervision services for people working towards their Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) certification.

All supervision and consultation is conducted through a weight-inclusive Health At Every Size-informed lens. Areas of supervision expertise include: 

  • binge eating disorder 
  • bariatric surgery
  • mindful eating 
  • mindfulness based approaches to therapy 
  • body image 
  • disordered eating 
  • starting an eating disorder specialized private practice 
  • And more...

Space currently available in bimonthly supervision group! This group of therapists meets on Tuesdays at 12pm EST virtually and focuses on binge eating disorder, disordered eating, and bariatric surgery. Hours are applicable to CEDS certification. Please contact me if you are a therapist who is interested in joining. 

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