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Mindful Eating Coaching

If you are looking for extra support to heal your relationship with your body, free yourself from diet culture, make peace with food, and learn to eat mindfully, Dr. Conason offers several coaching programs, including binge eating coaching, to help you reach these goals.

Mindful eating coaching with Dr. Conason is for you if:

You’re ready to take action to improve your relationship with food.

You’re exhausted from years or decades of dieting and want a radical change

You want to learn to listen to your body and eat mindfully so you can feel better overall

You’ve been trying to eat mindfully or intuitively, but you feel stuck and want more support

You’re ready to commit to the process for at least six weeks - preferably longer!

Mindful Eating Coaching | Dr. Alexis Conason
Mindful Eating Coaching | Dr. Alexis Conason

Anti-Diet Foundations 6-Week Group Coaching Program

This program is built around The Anti-Diet Plan Course, which is available as a self-paced program without group coaching here. There is no obligation to complete the course during the group coaching program, but we will discuss concepts from it during the sessions.

Each session, we’ll also dive into whatever is coming up for you as you take steps to break away from dieting and learn to eat mindfully. Whether you are having a bad body image day, can’t seem to grasp a certain concept, or want to celebrate your wins, the group will be there for you!

Once you complete The Anti-Diet Plan Course and attend your six sessions, you can choose to continue in Alumni Coaching

Anti-Diet Alumni Group Coaching

This is a group wellness coaching program for people who have completed The Anti-Diet Plan Course. Here, we’ll work on solidifying and implementing the later stages of the program: giving yourself unconditional permission to eat and letting your body be your guide, learning to manage emotional eating with compassion, building a better body image, and working toward living a life of self-care, pleasure, and value.

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching with Dr. Conason is available to anyone looking for individual guidance as they work to move away from dieting and reconnect with their body.

One-on-One Coaching Includes:

Weekly or Bimonthly 1:1 sessions with Dr. Conason

Lifetime access to The Anti-Diet Plan Course (or a discount in the amount you paid for the course if you’ve already purchased it)

Messaging access to Dr. Conason between sessions.

If you haven’t completed The Anti-Diet Foundations Group Coaching Program, we require you to schedule an initial consultation before starting one-on-one coaching. This is to help us assess your history with food and body, determine your goals, and make sure mindful eating coaching is a good fit for you.

You can also book a free 15-min call here if you have any questions.

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Coaching vs. Therapy

Because Dr. Conason is a licensed psychologist and must follow the rules and ethical standards of her profession, she cannot offer therapy to her coaching clients. If you are interested in coaching, it’s important to understand the differences between coaching and therapy so you know what you can expect:


Limited to geographical location (Dr. Conason is licensed to provide therapy to residents of New York State, Connecticut, Florida, and Vermont)

Intended to treat mental health diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, binge eating disorder, etc.

Typically more generalized (touching on all areas of your life - relationships, past trauma, issues at work, childhood, finding clarity in life, etc).


No restrictions on location

Intended to support strengths and build skills in specific areas of your life that you wish to change.

Typically focused on specific areas and goals (your relationship with food, body image, learning to eat mindfully).

Questions about mindful eating coaching?


eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason
eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason

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