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Health and Wellness Expert Consulting

Branding collaboration, media, and legal purposes.

health and wellness expert consulting - Dr. Alexis Conason

Brand Collaboration

Dr. Conason, an eating disorder consultant, collaborates with like-minded brands and organizations to form partnerships that benefit a wider audience. She works with weight-inclusive businesses that promote wellness, social justice, and body positivity.

Past partnerships have included:

Creating and editing content

Creating mindful eating programs and curriculums

Social media collaborations

Promotion of products that align with her values

Staff trainings

Events and workshops

Past brand partners have included:

Health and Wellness Expert Consulting | Dr. Alexis Conason
Health and Wellness Expert Consulting | Dr. Alexis Conason
Health and Wellness Expert Consulting | Dr. Alexis Conason
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If your organization is interested in collaborating with Dr. Conason:

Health and Wellness Consulting in the Media

Dr. Conason is available for interviews for news segments, podcasts, and articles. She offers health and wellness expert consulting on a broad range of topics concerning a psychological perspective on dieting, body image, mindful eating, and the harmful impact of diet culture.

She has been interviewed for articles in ABC News, NBC News, The Washington Post, US News, Teen Vogue, Oprah, InStyle, and countless other outlets.

Her written work has been featured widely in the popular press. In addition to her book, Dr. Conason’s essays on diet culture have been published in Glamour UK, Elle Magazine, Scary Mommy, and Darling Magazine. She also writes the “Eating Mindfully” blog for Psychology Today.

If you’re interested in interviewing eating disorder consultant Dr. Conason:

health and wellness expert consulting - Dr. Alexis Conason

Legal Consultation

In medical malpractice and other legal cases involving bariatric surgery (aka “weight loss surgery”), Dr. Conason is qualified to speak from a psychological perspective on the impact of procedures and a patient’s suitability for bariatric surgery.

From 2007-2018, Dr. Conason maintained a research position at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital (formerly St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital), in affiliation with Columbia University. She did postdoctoral training as part of an interdisciplinary team with the Center for Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital. During this time she conducted psychological evaluations for patients undergoing bariatric surgery, worked with the team to create treatment plans, and attended staff meetings and high risk case consultations with the surgery team. Following her postdoctoral work, Dr. Conason continued to conduct pre-surgical evaluations in her private practice for several years and has completed hundreds of evaluations.

Dr. Conaon’s research focused on psychological outcomes following WLS. Her groundbreaking research on substance use following bariatric surgery was one of the first studies to document an increased risk of alcohol use following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery; now a widely-recognized phenomenon. Her research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Surgery and has been cited hundreds of times in peer reviewed articles. She has also published on sexual functioning following bariatric surgery and the increased risk of suicide and self-injury following WLS. Dr. Conason has been a frequent invited speaker and presenter at meetings of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), The Obesity Society (TOS), and Obesity Week.

If you are interested in bringing Dr. Conason in as a psychology expert witness or eating disorder consultant:


eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason
eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason

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