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The Anti-Diet Plan Course

A 6-week virtual program designed to radically change your relationship with food & your body

The Anti-Diet Plan Course | Dr. Alexis Conason

Replace the guilt & shame of diet culture with peace, satisfaction, and happiness

Imagine living a life where you…

…have freed yourself from dieting (and feeling like a failure every time the plan fails)
…eat in attunement with your body’s natural signals
…feel more in control of your eating
…enjoy a peaceful, joyful, and nourishing relationship with food (and yourself)
…are able to take pleasure in food - without feeling guilty about it
…feel at peace with and comfortable in your body

If you’re ready to embark on this new path, The Anti-Diet Plan can take you there!

What is The Anti-Diet Plan?

The Anti-Diet Plan is a self-paced online program designed by Dr. Alexis Conason, a clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience treating people struggling with binge eating, disordered eating, and body image concerns. It’s part of a rapidly growing movement dedicated to ending the shame, guilt, and self-hatred that results from dieting.

Step by step over 6 weeks (or at whatever pace you choose), The Anti-Diet Plan guides you through a proven process to turn off the dieting mentality and start eating in a way that feels natural and attuned to your body.

Each week you will receive new video lessons, mindfulness practices, eating exercises, and homework assignments to help you put the tools into action. With support from Dr. Conason, her team, and the community in the members-only Facebook group, you’ll learn how to make radical changes in your relationship with food and your body.

What’s included in The Anti-Diet Plan signature program?

The Anti-Diet Plan Course | Dr. Alexis Conason

6 weeks of video lessons

Where you’ll learn from Dr. Conason herself, a clinical psychologist & expert in understanding thoughts and behaviors related to eating and body image.

The Anti-Diet Plan Course | Dr. Alexis Conason

Mindfulness training

To help you reconnect with your body and develop a meditation practice that supports you while working with your busy lifestyle.


eating exercises

To put the mindful eating skills you learn into practice so that they start becoming habits.


Handouts & Resources

To help you solidify and internalize the concept you learn in the course.


Private Facebook Community

Where you’ll connect with other participants on The Anti-Diet Plan journey and receive support from Dr. Conason and her team.


BONUS lesson

With Jenna Hollenstein, a Registered Dietitian and author of Eat to Love and Intuitive Eating for Life.

Mindful Eating: The Philosophy Behind The Anti-Diet Plan

The Anti-Diet Plan is built on mindful eating, a practice that has been shown in research studies to be an effective treatment for disordered eating.

It is NOT a diet! Unfortunately, the term “mindful eating” has been taken by the diet industry and twisted into yet another gimmick for tricking your body into consuming fewer calories and losing weight. For this reason, many “mindful eating” programs encourage restriction.

The Anti-Diet Plan teaches mindful eating as it is meant to be practiced: fostering a stronger connection with your body, finding more satisfaction and pleasure when eating, feeling less preoccupation and conflict around food, discovering which foods make your body feel good, reducing your stress, and improving your overall mental and physical health - at any size.

The Anti-Diet Plan Course | Dr. Alexis Conason

The Anti-Diet Plan is a mindful eating program that is:

non restrictive


Health At Every Size® aligned


When you complete The Anti-Diet Plan 6-week signature program, you will have learned a new way to:

A new way of relating to food, your body, and yourself

A meditation practice that fits into your life and supports your mental health

A better understanding of the connection between emotions and eating

New techniques for coping with difficult emotions

Strategies for handling urges to binge

A better connection with and awareness of your body’s needs

The skills to eat mindfully and in tune with your body

The Anti-Diet Plan Course | Dr. Alexis Conason
The Anti-Diet Plan Course | Dr. Alexis Conason

Meet Your Instructor,
Dr. Alexis Conason

The Anti-Diet Plan is one of the few programs out there where you receive guidance from a clinical psychologist, an expert in understanding thoughts and behaviors related to eating and body image.

Why did I create The Anti-Diet Plan?

As a clinical psychologist, I have worked for over a decade with hundreds of clients in one-on-one therapy sessions and groups to help them improve their relationship with food and their body using techniques from mindful eating, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and other research-based therapeutic interventions. While every individual is unique, I found myself repeating the same things over and over in my work with clients struggling with the diet-binge cycle.

I realized that developing an online course and program would allow me to teach those universal tools and principles to more people, even if they can’t work with me one-on-one. That idea eventually evolved into The Anti-Diet Plan 6-week signature course, the culmination of my years of clinical expertise, trainings, and research in treating eating issues packaged in a way that, no matter where in the world you are located, you can access a program to help you stop dieting and dramatically change your relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

The Anti-Diet Plan is for you if:

You’re stuck in the diet-binge cycle

You struggle with “emotional eating”

You identify as a “compulsive eater

You feel out-of-control around food

You worry about passing your struggles with food and body down to your children

You think about food ALL the time

You feel like you spend your life on and off diets and restrictive food plans

You feel shame when it comes to your body and food

The Anti-Diet Plan is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for meal plans or guidance on what to eat/not eat

You’re struggling with an active eating disorder (without approval from your primary therapist)

You’re determined to lose weight

You’re not open to moving away from dieting

You don’t like doing worksheets and self reflection activities

You don’t feel confident that you can follow a self-paced program (learn about coaching here)

Still not sure if the program is for you? Contact us with questions!

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re at war with food and your own body,

The Anti-Diet Plan can radically shift those relationships in just 6 weeks!

Option To Go Beyond the Course: Coaching Add-Ons

If you want more support and guidance than a self-paced program,

we offer a 6-week group coaching program, as well as individual coaching options, that pair with The Anti-Diet Plan signature course

This extra option is available to provide you with the support you need, in whatever way works best for YOU!

Click below to learn more about coaching!

*If you prefer to add 1:1 coaching, contact us and we’ll create a package that works for you!

Not ready for the main course? Try a taster.

The Mindful Eating Toolkit: A FREE Starter Guide to Changing Your Relationship with Food Today

Join the revolution to stop dieting and start living a happier life!

Learn why diets don’t work—the first step to freeing yourself from the diet cycle! Understand how mindfulness can support your journey to food freedom. Develop a basic meditation practice using our complimentary 3-minute guided meditation. Learn strategies for mindful eating that you can start implementing immediately. Start to heal your relationship with food.

Here’s What’s Included:

Mindful Eating 101 Masterclass

A guided mindful eating exercise

A meditation to practice with daily

A worksheet with reflection questions to deepen your experience

You’ll Learn:

What is diet culture and why it is throwing you off track

What is mindful eating and how can it help you

How you can start implementing mindful eating strategies right away to start changing your relationship with food


eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason
eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason

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