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Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker

Dr. Conason is available as a health and wellness keynote speaker or to conduct mini or full-day workshops. She draws from over a decade of experience treating people struggling with binge eating, disordered eating, and body image concerns, as well as extensive training and research in these areas and her book, The Diet-Free Revolution.

Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker | Dr. Alexis Conason
Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker | Dr. Alexis Conason

Popular topics include:

The impact of diet culture on our relationship with food and our bodies

Why diets don’t work (and what we can do instead)

Creating a compassionate relationship with your body

The psychological outcomes following bariatric surgery

How to use mindful eating interventions in the treatment of binge eating disorder

Mindful eating as an essential aspect of self care

Notable Past Engagements Include:

TalkSpace (“Early Onset Adulthood” - a discussion of social media and body image)

Happify (“Why Mindful Eating Can Change Your Life”)

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (“Medical Nutrition Therapy and Behavioral Health Interventions for Binge Eating Disorder”)

The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (“If ‘Everything’ Gets Better after Bariatric Surgery, Help Me Understand Suicide/Self-Injury Post Surgery and Post-Operative Eating Pathology”)

Among countless others. She has also presented to journalists of a media outlet on inclusive and non-stigmatizing language to use when writing about eating disorders and body size.

If you’re interested in having health and wellness keynote speaker Dr. Conason speak at your event, contact us for current speaking fees and availability.


eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason
eating disorder specialist nyc - Alexis Conason

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