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Dr. Conason offers consultation services for brand collaboration, media, speaking, and legal purposes.

When partnering with brands, she works with weight-inclusive businesses that promote wellness, social justice, and body positivity. She offers a unique psychological perspective on dieting, mindful eating, and body image that can grow your brand, bring your vision to life, and show your audience that you care.

She can bring her expertise to your business through social media collaborations, content creation, keynote speaking, and more. As a licensed psychologist, she can lend credibility to programs or products that align with her values and the research on weight, eating disorders, and health.

She has worked with Athleta as a Guide in their AthletaWell program, a community dedicated to female wellbeing. In her collaboration with Athleta, Dr. Conason created content on the topics of mindful eating, mental health, and wellbeing for their AthletaWell site. Additionally, she created social media campaigns to drive traffic to the AthletaWell site.