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Eat The Rules

We’re exploring is weight loss possible in the long-term? What do you need to do to achieve that? Plus, how learning to eat more mindfully (in a non-diet way) can help you to become a more intuitive eater.

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • Alexis’ relationship to food growing up and how it led her to the work she does now,
  • What the Look Ahead study is and what Alexis discovered in her research on it,
  • That long term weight loss and maintenance is extremely rare, and the industry knows it,
  • The research done by the National Weight Control Registry and its relationship to eating disorders,
  • How researchers have used examples of people with eating disorders as lessons for weight loss,
  • That in the rare instances when people sustain weight loss long term, it’s often not in a healthy way,
  • Why weight loss should be a flag for medical professionals to assess for eating disorders,
  • How set point theory works and what happens when weight is pulled below our set point,
  • A study on contestants from The Biggest Loser, and why we never see a follow-up episode of this show,
  • That often the things that we fear about quitting dieting are already happening while dieting,
  • That health is not determined by weight and that most of what impacts health is out of our control,
  • How mindfulness can shift the way we see ourselves and how we interact with the world,
  • Plus so much more!

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