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My Four Favorite F-Words for Fall

Fall is officially here and I’m welcoming it in with open arms. I love fall–the pumpkin and apple picking, the refreshing cooler air, and cozying up with a pumpkin-spiced latte (which I guess, according to Martha Stewart, makes me “a basic b*tch.”). I saw this post on Instagram from @fulcandles (whose account is hysterical btw) and it got me thinking about my favorite F-words for fall. While food is definitely high on my list, some of the others may surprise you.

1. Fat: Yes, you read that right. FAT is one of my very favorite words. Want to know why? It’s because “fat” is really just a descriptor of a body size and those within the fat-positive community are doing incredible work to reclaim this word in an empowering way. I also love how using this f-word can open up conversations with people about fatphobia and weight stigma. Now, I say this from a position of thin-privilege and I know that not everyone enjoys this word as much as I do. Because of this, I’m cautious about how I use it. This word can hold a lot of pain for many people. But I think it’s essential to challenge our beliefs about fat and have these difficult conversations (if you feel up to it). Investigating our own internalized fatphobia is key to beginning to unravel so much of our body hatred.  Read more about my thoughts on using the word here!

2. Falling leaves: There’s nothing as quintessentially fall as falling leaves, and I think that embracing the symbolism of fall can be a wonderful thing to think about when cultivating our intentions for the next few months. The falling leaves represent transition, and transition is something our bodies do all of the time. It can be difficult to tolerate these changes, but just as the seasons change, so do we! Can you set an intention to turn towards these changes with acceptance and compassion? I know it’s easier said than done.  If you’re looking for more tips on how to manage body changes, be sure to check out my Facebook Live video on YouTube about updating your fall wardrobe!

3. Fall Foods: So many fall-themed activities center around food. Think apple picking with friends and family, apple cider donuts, Halloween candy (candy corn, yum!), and of course, Thanksgiving. This fall, see how you relate to food. Challenge yourself to enjoy the activities that focus on food, without panic. When we practice mindful eating, we can start to develop a more peaceful and pleasurable relationship with food. If you want to learn more about how to embrace the deliciousness of fall foods without fear and conflict, check out my free mindful eating introduction course.

4. Fright: Some of us think that the scariest part of Halloween is the abundance of candy. Fall can bring up feelings of fear and conflict around our eating and our bodies. While these fears are to be expected in our culture that makes us cuckoo about food and weight, it’s important to recognize that the only thing to be feared is diet-culture. It’s this culture that is broken, not our bodies! If you’re looking to get your fall dose of fright, pop in a scary movie instead of fearing food or your body.


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Alexis Conason is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of overeating disorders, body image dissatisfaction, psychological issues related to bariatric surgery, and sexual issues. She is the founder of The Anti-Diet Plan (sign up for her free 30 day course). Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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