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It’s January. You’ve just had a joyous month of Christmas parties, mince pies, mulled wine and turkey naps. But you’ve heard the word ‘diet’ a lot, too. In fact, at least one family member or friend has vowed to start a new diet and exercise regime. You may already be feeling a little sluggish and vulnerable about your body. All this toxic diet chat – “diet starts tomorrow”, “I’m going to eat salad only for a week”, “better start working off the Christmas weight” – really isn’t helping.

Do you know what else isn’t going to help? Right about now, just as you’re getting that post-Christmas downturn in self-esteem, you’ll start to notice weight loss companies, gyms, personal trainers, diet books and wellness influencers ramp up their chorus: “New year, new you”. If it makes you feel sh*t about yourself, well, that’s the aim.

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