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Love Your Body Tribe Interview with Holly Toronto

I’m thrilled to bring you my interview with Holly Toronto, a body-image coach that I recently got to know through the anti-diet community! We talked about so much, including:

  • Why I began to study sexuality in relation to body image
  • The importance of finding weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size clinicians for treatment
  • How I came to develop The Anti-Diet Plan
  • Why it’s so hard to unlearn diet culture and the weight-centric paradigm
  • My professional past in the weight-loss surgery industry, and how it helped push me into the anti-diet world
  • The emergence of eating disorders following weight-loss surgery
  • Can we be body-positive if we’ve had weight loss surgery?
  • The complex topic of hunger, and why we need to move away from measuring calories and towards our hunger cues
  • How we can set personal boundaries around diet talk, and how we can opt-out of diet culture
  • The role of educating others around the damage that diet culture does to our mental and physical wellbeing
  • Why it’s crucial to surround ourselves with a body-positive community
  • Some guidelines and symptoms of disordered eating (check out for resources!)
  • Eating disorders vs disordered eating, including orthorexia
  • Healthism, and the difference between supporting our individual well-being vs being obsessively aligned with rigid health guidelines and the thin ideal
  • My #1 tip for improving body image, and the power of self-compassion

Check out the whole thing right here!

If you’re interested in Holly’s work, be sure to head to her website!

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