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When 6-year-old Addison jumps out of bed, the Long Island fitness buff clips her 3-D TriFit Pedometer to her pink onesie. Then she runs around the house to rack up the steps.

“There are days where she’s worn it all day and had 12,000 steps,” says her mom, Deena, an elementary school teacher who withheld their last name for privacy reasons. Deena, a runner who wears a Garmin fitness watch, says Addison “just wants to beat me. I can see how that can get out of hand. But if my child has to be obsessed with something, I’d rather her be obsessed with how many steps she’s taking than a video game.”

Just like their parents, kids have become consumed by the fitness-tracker craze. That’s good news given children glued to their screens can see their weight rise and their grades drop. But is trading one obsession for another actually good for their health?

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