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If you’re trying to move away from dieting, the term “mindful eating” might raise some red flags because it has been misappropriated by the diet industry. In diet culture, “mindful eating” is often touted as a way to trick your body into consuming fewer calories – yet another form of restriction.

In reality, mindful eating is a weight-inclusive practice based on the idea that your body is inherently good and can be trusted with your well-being. The true goals of mindful eating as it is meant to be practiced are: a stronger connection with your body, more satisfaction and pleasure when eating, less preoccupation and conflict around food, awareness of which foods make your body feel good, reduced stress, and overall improved mental and physical health – at any size.

Dr. Conason teaches mindful eating as a way to end food obsession, get off the diet culture roller coaster, and move toward a more peaceful relationship with food and body.