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Pursuing Private Practice

Alexis Conason, Psy.D., CEDS, joins Jennifer to discuss her behavioral approach to treating clients with binge eating disorder, and shares her journey of transitioning from a weight-centric to weight-inclusive, intuitive eating approach.

When early in her career she discovered what wasn’t working with her patients, Alexis describes her discovery of the HAES and mindfulness approach which fundamentally changed her work. Now, part of a weight-inclusive group practice specializing in eating disorders, and the creator of a 6-week online program The Anti-Diet Plan, Alexis discusses how she works with clients beyond the DSM5 criteria.

Some of the topics discussed include:

The role of Dietitians who are often the first contact for people with undiagnosed binge eating disorders. Behavioral approaches for binge eating, such as psychodynamic, interpersonal, and third wave cognitive behavioral therapy, and the need for a multi-disciplinary support team to help someone heal.

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