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January 9, 2015

In 2009, Jackie Kim received a gastric bypass that shrunk her stomach and rerouted part of her small intestine. Within a year, she had lost 180 pounds and felt great. Then her troubles with alcohol set in. It started with ordering wine in place of dessert at dinner. “At first I thought, ‘This is great,…

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USA Today

January 19, 2014

You may start out the new year with the intention of taking better care of yourself. But then you go to work. In the break room is a birthday cake. The boss orders pizza when everyone is forced to work late. The vending machines have offerings that include chips, candy bars and sugared drinks. You…

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Huffington Post

September 9, 2013

Sex is one of those topics we’re all constantly thinking about, reading about, and even acting out… but not necessarily talking about. Sure, you’ll dish to your friends about the steamy sex session you had with your new man last night, but you won’t necessarily be so eager to share when your sex life goes…

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August 21, 2013

When appearing on Access Hollywood, actress Mayim Bialik (Blossom, The Big Bang Theory) revealed that previous blogs she’d written about her divorce were her way of empowering women in similar situations. But what Bialik may not have known is that writing down your feelings is an extremely healthy habit to begin with. Research in Psychosomatic…

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The Gazette

March 10, 2013

Once you age out of parent-arranged playdates, alphabetized seating charts, after-school activities and college dorm assignments, just how is a person supposed to go about meeting someone with whom to share a laugh, not a lifetime? It’s hard enough trying to meet someone for a romantic relationship. At least, then, if you find someone’s single,…

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The Auburn Reporter

December 20, 2012

In all likelihood, many Americans will gain some weight over the holidays. It may only come to a few pounds, but statistics show that even small nudges on the scale can stubbornly persist and add up over time. The annual spike may not surprise anyone, but if partying and celebrating almost inevitably lead to overindulging,…

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US News & World Reports

October 15, 2012

Patients — 132 women and 23 men — who had undergone one of two commonly performed types of weight-loss surgery filled out questionnaires including items on their eating, smoking and recreational drug use before and after surgery. In general, use of such substances rose at the time of surgery with additional and incremental increases at…

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