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Press Mentions

The Upside

January 16, 2024

If you’re a math or computer geek, you’re undoubtedly familiar with algorithms. For the non-nerds among us, algorithms are computerized step-by-step instructions that help us solve problems or perform tasks. Google’s algorithms look for “clues” to deliver the search results you’re seeking. Various algorithms guide investment strategies. Police departments rely on algorithms to station cops…

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November 28, 2023

This past July, I turned 60, and I started thinking more about my health. To me, the idea of healthy eating has always been a drag. I’m from Philadelphia. I want my cheesesteak. The aroma of caramelized meat and onions, the luscious goo of the Whiz, the burn of the long hots, the pillowy heft…

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August 25, 2023

Every single day, I deal with picky eaters both big and small. I’m the mother of 7-year-old triplets, all of whom have very different eating habits; I’m also a dietitian who teaches the professional athletes on the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls teams how to improve their diets. Although it’s tough to convince a towering…

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March 7, 2023

Top body positivity influencers are not there to create impeccably curated images that show perfection in all aspects of beauty and lifestyle. Things are starting to change as people are gearing towards real, relatable, and authentic. Inclusion and diversity have become the new trend in influencer marketing- and body positivity influencers now interact with audiences…

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Foreward Reviews

February 13, 2023

Let’s stop the nonsense and finally admit that the notion of dieting for permanent weight loss is a hoax. Statistics show that ninety-five percent of dieters do not succeed with their goal to lose weight over the long term. And don’t get us started about how demoralizing it is for people to fail at a…

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AirTalk with Larry Mantle

February 1, 2023

New Guidelines On Childhood Obesity Call For A More Aggressive Approach Read Article Here

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USA Today

January 24, 2023

Faith Anne Heeren vividly remembers the day she first became aware of her weight. It was first grade. Nurses came to her North Carolina private school to practice taking vitals, which included weighing in front of the entire class. Heeren watched from the back of a single-file line as each one of her classmates stepped…

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January 19, 2023

Once she began riding, Ho was pleasantly surprised to realize that Peloton’s workouts were aligned with her HAES beliefs, thanks to instructors who used empowering, inclusive encouragement rather than harmful diet-culture language (think: encouraging riders to “work off” a certain food or earn their next meal). “I didn’t know [Peloton] was going to be more…

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Verywell Fit

January 11, 2023

From food to fitness to fashion and home décor, social media apps give us the power to curate the posts that we want to see. Unfortunately, some people follow influencers who offer unhealthy advice, unrealistic curated images, or who promote one ideal lifestyle that’s out of reach for many. Instead of being inspiring and motivational,…

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January 6, 2023

Many people are constantly trying to lose a little weight, and books can be a really helpful resource when you’re looking to trim your waistline. The problem is that a lot of books focus solely on how to lose weight or which diet to try instead of thinking of it as a holistic journey. Too…

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