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First, thank you. I’m thrilled to hear that The Diet-Free Revolution is helping you free yourself from diet culture; that is a big part of what motivated me to write this book. The experience of feeling bad about our bodies and berating ourselves because of what we eat is incredibly common. Research suggests that over nintey percent of women feel dissatisfied with their body and want to lose weight. It’s not just an individual issue, it’s a cultural and political one. I wrote this book to help people recognize diet culture, question their participation in the system, and guide them on another path. Imagine what would happen if we took all that time, money, and energy spent trying to shrink our bodies and instead devoted it to the things that are most important in our lives?

Diet culture is so pervasive and normalized that many of us don’t question it. I grew up in a family with a lot of chronic dieting and, until I learned about the Health At Every Size ® movement as an adult, it never occurred to me that there was any other way to be. It was incredibly freeing to recognize that there was nothing wrong with me because I couldn’t stay on a diet forever; in fact, my body was doing exactly what it was built to do.

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