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Soda Tax and Food Addiction on Thursday’s Access Utah

NPR reports that “The World Health Organization has called on nations around the globe to enact taxes on sugary beverages. And Bloomberg Philanthropies says raising taxes on sugary beverages can be part of the strategy to ‘reduce consumer demand for unhealthy foods and beverages, improve the food environment, and make healthier choices easier for everyone.’”

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Happify Health

Why Mindfulness Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

What if the competitive advantage for companies could come from employees slowing down rather than speeding up? That’s the promise of meditation in the workplace — and science suggests this culture shift is good for the bottom line. A recent study in the Journal of Management analyzed more than 4,000 scientific papers on mindfulness, looking at the

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New York Post

How your Fitbit is making you fat

Being wired up to fitness trackers has also made us overly dependent on outside sources to tell us information about our own bodies, says Midtown psychologist Alexis Conason. “We consult our Fitbit to decide whether to exercise rather than relying on how our body feels,” Conason tells The Post. “This type of disconnection from our

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Washington Post

Some stylists are helping moms accept their postpartum bodies

Three months after Kate Lacroix of Boulder, Colo., had her second baby, she realized her body wasn’t going back to the way it was as easily as it had after her first. Part of the reason was likely her age. She was just shy of 30 when her first child arrived, and nearly 40 when

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The Globe and Mail

Tracking down the root of our self-tracking obsession

The rise of fitness and calorie-tracking devices reflects a fundamental distrust in our own bodies, according to Alexis Conason, a psychologist in New York who treats patients struggling with compulsive eating and poor body image. Read Article Here

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The Outline

Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Revenge Body’ Is About Letting Bullies Win

“Intense calorie restriction makes people obsess about food,” said Dr. Alexis Conason, an obesity psychologist based in New York. This increases the risk of developing an eating disorder.“These diets very often evolve from, you know, wanting to get revenge on an ex, or a friend, or whatever by changing your body to full-fledged eating disorders

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